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Whether you are glutenintolerant, want to reduce your carb intake or want to follow a low calorie diet then PurePasta is something for you.


PurePasta is available in 4 versions - Noodles, Spaghetti, Fettuccine and Rice.

The main ingredient is konjac flour (glucomannan), a natural water soluble fiber that is made from the konjak root. Cook your favourite dish and replace the pasta with PurePasta and get a good chewing resistance and feeling full afterwards.

Read more about glucomannan on Supernutrition.info


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Reviews on PurePasta

  • Guiltfree_living
    I Love PurePasta! The noodles have a great texture and are supergood to have in salads to add consistency and to soak up the dressing. They are also good as a substitute to “regular” pasta in mixed stews. One more is to fry with cabbage as a side dish which is fulfilling and different.
    Gluten and sugarfree
  • emilyjuell.se
    I love the Pure Pasta products! Finally I found a good substitute to rice and spaghetti!
  • The LCHF engineer
    When even my pastaloving husband likes PurePasta - I know I must have them at home at all times! I love the consistency and that I can enjoy pasta and rice without any bad conscious. A obvious choice in the kitchen.
    The LCHF engineer
    Sockeraddict that has lost 95 kilos on LCHF
  • Anna LCHF
    The best part of the PurePasta products is that you can finally eat spaghetti, noodles and rice again. They fit perfectly when eating low carb diet or just want in general to reduce your hunger and swallen stomach after a meal.
  • Hakon
    Great pasta. I especially like how long the fulfilment lasts and that your belly is not bloated after eating it.
  • Graciano Moya
    On the recommendation of a friend, I bought PurePasta and it really surprised me. A healthy and simple way to eat pasta/rice. Very good presentation and easy to prepare. Simply, drain the contents, prepare the dish you want  and heat everything together for a little while. Delicious!!
    Graciano Moya